smiling familyWith a BFCU share draft account, there are no confusing relationships or tricky fees…just simple, unlimited 24/7 access to your money with no strings attached. A share draft account is loaded with time- and money-saving features:


For your protection, order your drafts (checks) through Bulldog instead of outside printers so you can be sure they’re printed with accurate account and routing numbers. Bulldog drafts through Harland Clarke come in a wide variety of styles and offer industry-leading security features designed to protect your account.

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Need a check copy? View and print cleared checks for free right from Internet Banking.

If you don’t have access to an overdraft line of credit, we will automatically transfer funds from your share account to cover overdrafts for a nominal fee. You must have an available balance in your share account to cover the transfer.

Open your share draft account online now in just 10 minutes! The online application even makes it easy to redirect your payroll direct deposits and automatic payments to your new account and helps you close your account at your previous financial institution. Or stop by any branch to speak to a Member Service Representative, and we’ll show you how easy it is to move your checking account to Bulldog!

Debit MasterCard

Bulldog FCU Debit MasterCard

Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, Debit Mastercard is the safe, easy way to pay in stores, online, and by phone. It provides the same zero liability protection on unauthorized purchases as credit cards. And because it accesses the funds in your share draft account in real time, you won’t affect your credit score, incur interest, or accumulate debt. Use it to pay bills on time when you set up automatic or recurring debits. And use it to get cash at an ATM. It comes with 24/7 access to customer service for lost/stolen card reporting, and free Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ that includes ID Theft Alerts™, emergency wallet replacement, and free Expert Resolution Services.

Daily limits: $1000 point-of-sale/purchases + $500 ATM withdrawals ($1500 combined).

Free consumer alerts
Help to protect your account from fraud by signing up for free debit card alerts. Choose the alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them (e-mail or text message). Choose from 4 alerts:

  • Purchases over a selected amount (more than $20)
  • International purchases
  • Online purchases (purchases made without your card being present)
  • Declined purchases

Select one or all 4. You can change your preferences at any time. Learn more and to register your Bulldog Debit Mastercard for free consumer alerts. View FAQs (PDF-new window/tab).

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Free Cell Phone Insurance
Get free cell phone insurance when you pay your monthly cellular telephone bill with your Debit Mastercard. If your cell phone is stolen or damaged, you’re covered up to $350 per claim, $700 per year(subject to a $50 deductible per claim) when you pay your cell phone bill with your Debit Mastercard. It covers theft and damage from drops and spills for the primary line and up to two additional lines as listed on your monthly billing statement. Coverage starts on the first day of the month following the payment of your cell phone bill with your Debit Mastercard.

Guidelines for new cards

  1. Activate it AND set your PIN. Call the toll-free number on the sticker from the phone we have on record for you. Press 1 when the system prompts you to select or change a PIN. You may choose the same PIN you have on your current debit card. Joint cardholders must call from the main member’s phone of record to activate their card, and provide the main member’s SSN to set their PIN.
  2. Sign your new card and destroy your old card.
  3. If you have automatic or recurring payments on your debit card, update those merchants with your new card information to ensure continuous service. If either your card number or your expiration date are different, you MUST update those merchants ASAP.

Your chip card still contains a magnetic stripe, so it will work in any terminal whether it’s chip-enabled or not. At retailers without chip terminals, swipe your card. Not sure which terminal it is? No problem. If you swipe a chip card at a chip terminal, the machine will prompt you to insert it instead.

Instant Issue Cards
In a hurry for a new card? Request one weekdays before 3:00 p.m. and pick it up at any branch the next business day. Then call from your home phone to activate it and select a PIN. You can change your PIN at any time by calling the activation number. If your card has a new number and you had recurring or automatic payments set up on your old debit card, contact those merchants with your new card number and expiration date to ensure continuous service. Apply for your new card now!



Breaches/Compromised Cards
If we’re notified that your card may have been compromised as part of security breach at a U.S. merchant network, we will notify you by letter and immediately order a new Debit Mastercard to replace your compromised card. Your new card should arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Once you receive it, activate it and select a new PIN immediately. To ensure the safety of the funds in your account, we will shut down your compromised card. Refer to the letter you receive for the date your old card will be deactivated. If you have automatic debits set up on your old card, be sure to contact those merchants and provide them with your new card information to ensure continuous service. Review your debit card transactions closely and report any unusual or unauthorized activity immediately by calling (301)797-6318 extensions 3117 or 3120. For more information regarding compromised debit cards, refer to the FAQs (PDF-new window/tab).

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Subject to $50 deductible per claim. Max. benefit: $350 per claim, $700 per 12-month period. Available only when you pay your monthly cellular telephone bill with your BFCU Debit MasterCard. You will receive no more than the value of the original phone or a replacement phone with similar features and functionality, less a $50 deductible. Protection covers the primary line and up to the first two additional lines listed on your provider’s monthly statement. Cellular phones that are stolen or damaged are protected. Does not cover cellular phones that are lost or phones that are received as part of a pre-paid plan. Coverage begins the first day of the calendar month following your first cellular telephone billing on your BFCU Debit MasterCard, and ends the first day of the calendar month following nonpayment of your monthly cellular telephone bill on your BFCU Debit MasterCard. Items excluded from coverage include: accessories other than the standard battery and/or antenna provided by the manufacturer; cell phones that are lost or mysteriously disappear; cell phones that are stolen from a construction site; cosmetic damage that does not impact the phone’s ability to make or receive calls; damage or theft resulting from abuse, intentional acts, fraud, and normal wear and tear. Coverage is excess of any other applicable insurance or indemnity you have. For a complete list of coverage and exclusions, and for information on filing a claim, review the MasterCard Debit Card Cellular Telephone Insurance Terms and Conditions (PDF-new window/tab).

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Check Reorder

woman writing checkIf you’ve ordered checks from BFCU before, then reordering online is fast and easy! Have the Order Identification Number from your check reorder form handy when reordering checks online.

Browse catalog & Reorder drafts (new window/tab)

Initial order must be placed in person at a branch. Online reorders cannot be processed if your address does not match the address we have on file for you. Your share draft account number is not the same as your member account/ID number. If you do not know your share draft account number, contact the credit union.