Pay a Person

Send money to anyone, regardless of their financial institution or app!

It’s never been faster or easier to pay someone you know directly from your checking account. Pay a Person is the free, easy-to-use P2P portal that lets you pay anyone with a US bank account with just their email or cell phone number:

  • your friend for lunch
  • the coach for uniforms
  • a coworker for the fundraiser
  • the babysitter for Saturday night
  • your parents for your half of vacation

Recipients can easily receive the payment in moments with most US debit cards (if their financial institution allows it) with no subscription or network membership, and no need to transfer funds from a balance on an app. Recipients can also collect via ACH with their bank’s routing number and their account number. (If you send the payment via cell phone number, your recipient will receive a text from 1-260-918-6933 which their phone may block if they have spam blocker enabled.)

Simply follow the Pay a Person prompts in online banking or the mobile banking app. For your security, the system will send you a 4-digit code to authenticate you. And you’ll create a secret word that you’ll need to send to your recipient so they can collect the funds. The secret word is not case sensitive. The recipient has 10 days to collect the funds. There is no fee for sending or receiving payments.

Limit: $250 per transaction, $250 per day. Funds not collected within 10 days will be returned to your checking account.