Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a convenient, secure and economical way to store documents, collectibles, and valuable items that you don’t access frequently. They offer greater protection than a home safe against theft, fire, and natural disasters. Available in a range of sizes at each office except Smithsburg, these secure vaults are conveniently accessible any time the lobby is open.

Some things to consider for safe keeping include:

Birth certificates • Property deeds
Vehicle titles • U.S. savings bonds
Family heirlooms • Precious photos and negatives
Jewelry • Coin and stamp collections

Conversely, things that you may need to access quickly, such as passports, wills, or power-of-attorney documents are not good candidates for storage in a safe deposit box because they are accessible only when the credit union lobby is open. And it’s never a good idea to store cash in them. Not only does it not earn interest, but it’s not insured. Only funds in federally insured accounts are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Annual rental fees are automatically deducted from your share account on November 30. Top Dog members save 25%. See any member service representative for more information about renting a safe deposit box.


Safe Deposit Boxes
Box Size Fee
3x5x22 $30.00
3x10x22 $45.00
5x10x22 $55.00
10x10x22 $75.00
Drilling Charge at cost
Key Replacement $7.50 each
Pymt 30 days past due $5.00