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You don’t have to tie up thousands of dollars for months — or even years — at a time just to earn a great return. Enjoy a great return and easy access to your money with a minimum deposit of just $25* into a safe and simple share (savings) account. Funds in this account earn competitive dividends — currently 1.77% APY — with no withdrawal fees or penalties and no term limits! Choose from individual, beneficiary, joint, trust, and business share accounts. Funds on deposit in BFCU are insured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration at no cost to you.

You can make unlimited free deposits, withdrawals or transfers to or from your share account at any time. And you can access your account conveniently via ATM, debit card (if you also have a share draft/checking account), or digital banking. To avoid ATM transaction fees, use your ATM/debit card at any surcharge-free BFCU ATM.

What’s more, your share account can be a safety net when you accidentally overdraw your share draft (checking) account. We may transfer money from your share account to cover your overdrafts for a small fee.

Check out our current dividend rates. Are you ready to earn a great return and experience all the benefits of BFCU membership? Join now!

*You must maintain a minimum balance of $25 in your share account (your “par share”) to maintain your membership status and to gain access to all other BFCU products and services. Balances below $25 may incur a low-balance fee.
Annual percentage yield accurate through 1/31/24 and subject to change.