Cash Management

Spend more time managing your business and less time managing your banking with Bulldog’s powerful suite of customizable money management tools designed for your small business. To enroll, please speak to one of Bulldog’s business banking professionals at (301)797-6318.

Digital Banking/Bill Pay

Cost effective and backed by industry-leading multi-layered security, BFCU’s Business Internet Banking (BIB) platform delivers a powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use self-service banking experience that lets you:

  • Quickly access balances, transaction history, transfers, payments, and more
  • Schedule one-time and recurring transfers
  • Access account statements immediately and electronically
  • Send and receive payments via the ACH network
  • deposit checks remotely (in the app)
  • reorder checks and initiate stop payments
  • initiate domestic wires
  • and much more

Customizable security alerts and optional PIN login for out-of-band authentication safeguards your accounts. And control over user entitlements and administrative permissions let you manage multiple users safely and effectively.

Bill Pay allows you to:

  • Autopay or schedule one-time, recurring, or expedited payments to any payee
  • Receive, view and pay e-bills immediately, directly from your bill pay account
  • Set alerts and reminders, create reports and search records

Processing takes 3 days for electronic payments to 5 days for payees who require a paper check. Pay up to 10 bills per month for free.* (A nominal fee applies to payments over 10 per month. Refer to fee schedule.)


Use Business Internet Banking (BIB) to originate National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA)  formatted ACH files quickly and easily without the need for costly in-house software or third-party vendors.  Create ACH files to:

  • get paid quicker when you collect payments from your customers electronically
  • eliminate paper checks and reduce payroll processing time and expense when you pay employees electronically
  • minimize the hassle of accounts payable and streamline your payment processing

Initiate single or batch ACH files for credit, debit and mixed transactions. And save time and keystrokes with ACH batch templates. Business Internet Banking even integrates with most accounting software packages so you can manually upload/import delimited and fixed format files into the system for payment processing.

(ACH cutoff time is 3:00 pm ET on regular business days. User subject to ACH transaction fees and limits. Refer to ACH Origination Agreement for more details.)


The Business Internet Banking (BIB) platform gives you the flexibility to initiate domestic wire transfers quickly and easily at your convenience, without having to call the credit union. Bank-to-bank wire transfer is considered to be the safest domestic payment method with information transmitted securely through encrypted communications.  Wire transfers are insured and guaranteed, and they leave a clear audit trail to prevent fraud and misuse.

As with other features in BIB, you as the account administrator have the ability to grant rights, permissions, and limits to other account users to create wire transfers on behalf of the business. For frequent, recurrent wires, you can save time and keystrokes by creating a wire template.

The wire cutoff time is 4:00 pm ET on regular business days. Wires incur fees (refer to fee schedule). To initiate a wire transfer outside of BIB, refer to these wire instructions.

Tax Payments

Save time and keystrokes. Make tax payments conveniently without having to log in to the government website. You’ll begin by making a zero dollar transaction to verify your EFTPS registration (If you’re not already enrolled, visit Once that clears (it may take up to 12 days), you’re good to go.