Commercial Banking

Spend more time managing your business and less time managing your banking with digital money management tools designed for your small business. In addition to all the best-in-class features of digital banking, you can add the power and flexibility of Cash Management to take full control of your business accounting functions. To add Cash Management to your online experience, please speak to one of Bulldog’s business banking professionals at (301)797-6318.

Digital Banking/Bill Pay

Cost effective and backed by industry-leading multi-layered security, BFCU’s Business Internet Banking (BIB) platform delivers a powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use self-service banking experience that lets you:

  • Quickly access balances, transaction history, transfers, payments, and more
  • Schedule one-time and recurring transfers
  • Assign administrative permissions to manage multiple users safely through “Family & Friends”
  • Access account statements immediately and electronically
  • Send and receive payments via the ACH network
  • deposit checks remotely (in the app)
  • and much more

Customizable security alerts and optional PIN login for out-of-band authentication safeguards your accounts. Register for digital banking at the secure account login above.

Bill Pay allows you to:

  • Autopay or schedule one-time, recurring, or expedited payments to any payee
  • Receive, view and pay e-bills immediately, directly from your bill pay account
  • Pay bills quickly and easily with PicturePay
  • Set alerts and reminders, create reports and search records

If you have a checking account, you’re eligible to use bill pay. Processing takes 3 days for electronic payments to 5 days for payees who require a paper check. Pay up to 10 bills per month for free.* (A nominal fee applies to payments over 10 per month. Refer to fee schedule.)

Cash Management

Use Business Internet Banking (BIB) to originate National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) formatted ACH files quickly and easily without the need for costly in-house software or third-party vendors.  Create NACHA files for:

  • Receipts: get paid quicker when you collect payments from your customers electronically
  • Payroll: eliminate paper checks and reduce payroll processing time and expense when you pay employees electronically
  • Payments: minimize the hassle of accounts payable and streamline your payment processing

Initiate single or batch files for credit, debit and mixed transactions. You can upload NACHA-compliant files generated by third party software directly into the system. To bulk upload files of payees/payments, please contact the Credit Union.

For your convenience, you can initiate NACHA files at any time in advance of the settlement date.  Files will be processed twice per day. Cutoff time is 3:00 pm ET on regular business days. Files generated after 3:00 pm ET will be processed by 9:00 am ET the next business day.

(Users are subject to ACH transaction fees, limits and holds. Refer to ACH Origination Agreement for more details.)