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The wise use of credit can save you lots of money. Discover how to make smart credit decisions and how to repair the damage when you don’t.

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Choosing the wrong loan can end up costing you lots of money. Explore your options for consolidating or eliminating debt, and learn which loans to avoid.

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Did you know you’re just 3 steps away from a better budget? Find out how easy it is to overcome your reluctance to save, how to involve your family in the process, and how to get on track and stay there.

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Find the perfect apartment in 3 easy steps. Or find ways to make your home attractive to potential buyers. Plus explore your options for financing or refinancing.

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To file or not to file. Before you decide, understand the consequences and ramifications of this life-altering decision. And find ways to rebuild in the aftermath.

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There are lots of ways to save when you really start looking. Look here for tips on how to curb your entertainment costs, energy consumption, grocery bill, and much more.

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You’ve made the smart decision to go to college. Now make smart decisions when it comes to paying for it. And if you’ve already racked up student loan debt, learn how to manage it wisely.

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Expand your financial knowledge with these fun, free and engaging electronic learning modules. Courses cover budgeting basics, credit reports and scores, and more. New courses are added periodically, so check back often.

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Find interactive financial games for audiences of all ages. You’ll test your skills and broaden your financial knowledge all while you have fun.

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Access a library of brief, informative videos that covers every aspect of your financial life, from marriage, divorce, and home ownership to health care, retirement and caring for your heirs, and everything in between. New videos are added periodically, so check back often.

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Take a deeper look at important topics in this free, web-based system that provides self-paced education on a variety of personal finance topics including credit reports, budgeting, and home buying. Check back often for new courses.